Amish Corn Crib Loft Amenities

  • Jacuzzi Tub
  • Sitting Area
  • Mini-kitchen
  • Porch with a View
  • King-size Bed

amish corn crib, front outside view

Amish Corn Crib Amenities

  • Claw-footed Tub
  • Large Porch
  • Queen-size Bed
  • Mini-kitchen
  • Private Entrance
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Two-Unit Amish Corn Crib Barn

For its first 150 years, the Amish corn crib resided in North Eastern Ohio. It was carefully disassembled and moved to its resurrection site here in the Texas hill country. A long porch was added to the original structure for our guest's comfort. Solitude and relaxation are the order of the day as visitors enjoy the back porch for reading, dining or viewing the fields and the fauna that wanders there.

back porch of Amish corn crib

This log and timber B&B combines hand-crafted construction and furniture with antiques from the surrounding area to create a warm and inviting dwelling. The two units can be used individually or easily shared by a small group of family or friends. In summer months, it is a short walk to the lovely pool for a cool dip and wider views of the outlying hills.

back porch of Amish corn crib

The Loft

back porch of Amish corn crib

The loft has a king size bed, sitting area, mini-kitchen, jacuzzi tub and a porch (above) with a scenic view of cactus and deer trails.

back porch of Amish corn crib

The Crib

Amish corn crib lower bedroom

The crib has a queen size bed, a private entrance, a mini-kitchen, a claw-footed bath tub and a large porch that looks out over scenic hills of mesquite and cactus.

Amish corn crib lower bedroom
The porch directly off the bedroom invites you to relax with a snack or a meal and enjoy the presence of the surrounding nature. You are likely to see some of our longhorns, local deer or the distant stars sharing this place of natural beauty. Amish corn crib back porch