Chapel Amenities

  • 600 sq. ft. of Worship Space
  • Wood Burning Stove
  • Octagonal Viewing Window
  • Hill Country Scenery
  • Chairs, Benches, Pillows
  • Surround-Sound System
  • Central Heat and Air
Way of the Wolf  Sophia's Barn
amish corn crib, front outside view

Chapel at Way of the Wolf Ranch

Across the world there are designated places for rest, re-creation and re-connection. Along with Way of the Wolf, many of these locations are part of the International Quiet Garden Trust. A dream for a meditation and contemplative center unfolded in the construction of a log and stone prayer center here at Way of the Wolf Retreats. As you view the following pictures, please note that this sacred space is an expression for the celebration of life that we desire to share with fellow pilgrims.

the meadow at the Chapel

The circle (kiva) is the center of the quiet space. It symbolizes the source of water and redemption, and reminds us of God's creative energies. The outer ring also incorporates the key elements of an Anglican Rosary. The Prayer Center is a place for quiet meditation when groups gather for services or spiritual retreat. Thirty or forty participants can be seated comfortably in this contemplative space. Individuals are also welcome to use the chapel while here on retreat.

the front porch at the Chapel

A long porch offers adequate space to experience the natural gifts available. Turkey, deer, rabbits and a host of other animals share this spot with those who come to rest and play. The octagonal portal from this quiet space reminds us the Spiritual journey is being made with God's physical world always at hand.

In October, 2011 we started construction of a new Meditation Garden and Labyrinth.  Completed in March,  2012 by Ron & Karen it now awaits your visit. Go to Meditation Garden

the octagonal portal at the Chapel