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"Close enough to town but far enough away to really be AWAY!!"

It is our wish to provide a memorable visit, whether alone, a couple or a group. We delight in welcoming you to Way of the Wolf.

Retreat Options

and Information

 A Way of the Wolf Ranch invites you to use our beautiful facility for individual or small group retreats.  At this retreat ranch, Sophia's Barn is designed offers flexible arrangements for various sized groups.  (See site index.)  You may provide your own material or we will work with you to specifically design a program around your interests. At this Texas ranch, the setting lends itself to meditation, contemplation, reflection and re-creation while meandering across the sixty-one acres, sitting next to a trickling stream (somewhat more assertive during wet weather) or just sitting on the screened porches.

In addition to the numerous workshops/retreats sponsored by other groups at Way of the Wolf, we have facilitated/presented workshop on 25 to 30 topics.  A sample is listed below:

Luminous Gospels: Thomas, Magdalene, Phillip                                  

Wisdom Teachings of Abrahamic Traditions

Kenosis: Prayer of Self-Emptying

Meditations on the Psalms

Pathways to Healing

Poetry Workshops

Meister Eckhart

Traditional Metaphysics

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is all this?” The fact is, we came into existence “in the middle of things.” No doubt you’re used to it by now. It doesn’t seem so strange, perhaps, but have you ever wondered—what is existence? Why do I, or anything else, exist? All these are deep questions that the ancient sages and philosophers have asked in every age and in every sacred tradition. Their answers tend to agree—but they are deep and probe below the surface to discover the hidden structure of reality. On this Texas meditation retreat, We will explore these probing questions under theme called “traditional metaphysics” and examine the answers that have been found through the ages. 

1.     The Nature of God and Ultimate Reality: Not, who is God, but what is God?

2.     The Universal Principles Behind Existence and Cosmological Manifestation.

3.     The Nature of Time and the Problem of Evil.

4.     The Supreme Identity and the End of the Universe.

5.     Metaphysical Realization and Personal Transformation. 

Your hosts, Ron & Karen, have formal training in spiritual direction from the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation in Bethesda, Maryland, and have led several groups introducing contemplative prayer forms. They both have attended a number of workshops in spiritual formation and attended classes at the Anglican School of Theology in Dallas.

In 1995, they attended a Celtic Exploration workshop in Oxford, England, with Esther deWaal, Internationally known author and follower of the Benedictine Way. This experience resulted in their affiliation with the International Quiet Garden Trust in Stoke Poges, England. Instructed quiet days are offered periodically using the Quiet Garden format.

Ron and Karen participated in the formation of and continue as active members in the Oriental Orthodox Order in the West to teach and practice a contemplative life of awareness and compassion.

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The Garden Pond is a special spot for meditation or any reflective activity.

"This was an ideal place for our silent retreat --lots of comfortable, peaceful spaces to read, write, contemplate, walk etc.   It seemed that everything we needed was here......your breakfasts were delicious and your cooperation and understanding in keeping with our silence was great." ---Bizy


The next time you are looking for a special setting for a conference or a Texas spiritual retreat center for individuals or up to 12 -18 people, call Ron & Karen to discuss options at

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